Sunday, November 19, 2017

Various Artists - Cruel Beasts

Label : Maboroshi no Sekai - B...018
Country : Japan
Year : 1994
Format : C45

Something special for your Sunday. I'd like to think this is rare, but for all I know this could be shelf fodder in its homeland. This is an early release on the very cool Maboroshi no Sekai label which produced similar albums of this sonic ilk throughout its continued existence. The sounds presented here are of a diverse type all deriving from that all encompassing "experimental" umbrella. Some tracks branch off from the textures sprouted forth from bands such as the Boredoms and the Ruins, the spectrum of noisy mayhem and technically proficient chaos.

One may recognize some of the names here, with Japanese underground luminaries like Otomo Yoshihide, Koichi Makigami, and Seiichi Yamamoto making an appearance and also one of my favorite groups from that very subterranean artspace, Harpy. In fact, Harpy's percussionist itoken is the one who chose these artists for this tape. You may recognize him from my Zuppa di Pesce posts awhile back, I really respect his work. Some bands included are avant-proggers Soh Band and psych-noisters Children Coup D'Etat, who turn in some impressive performances. A band I don't recognize is Piranezi, jazzy noise rock for busted eardrums. Lots of unheard tracks here, don't miss it.

Lossless, so don't lose out!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Rik Albatros - Abandoned And Left To Die

Label : n/a
Year : 1994
Country : UK
Format : C30

Ripped by OminousMafioso

As prophesied by... well, me. Here is another tape from that venerable pseudonym. This is a strange one, in a different flavor compared to the regular strangeness purveyed around these parts. Discordant low-fi synth pops in adoration of the Mountain Goats. This guy really seems to enjoy the music of Mr. Darnielle, and is an infamous and famous figure in the following of that fine musical project.

No longer abandoned and left to die, now exhumed and left to fester on the internet!  

Hebephrenic - Hide

Label : Tapehiss Recordings
Year : 1999
Country : US
Format : C90

While I'm not wont to post rips from those other than me on the main page, rather regimenting them to the neglected and spider webbed stray links section, I've felt compelled to share this masterpiece of lofi EM. I've been praising this thing since discovering it by chance after reading of it in an old webzine review section and somehow finding it on slsk. It was uploaded by someone by the name of drij. I hope it doesn't bother them much. 

An intrepid reader may notice I've posted this author before, and they would be right. Back in the cruelest month, I posted an earlier tape by Hebephrenic, I personally think this tape is even better than that one. Enjoie.

I'll probably post another Mafioso tape tonite or tomorrow if I get lazy about it. Peeled eyes get the prize, and other self-invented idioms.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Some Rare Footage - Stony Love

Label : Memphis Music
Year : 1994
Country : UK
Format : C60

Ripped by OminousMafioso

Another 90s gem from the man with the plan... This kind of tape would probably be better suited for the more "indie" nostalgie blogs, conforming to more of the poppier/footwear glancing side of noize as opposed to the harsher/collage-based/industrial explored here. Though I do have a propensity for synthy stuff, so I guess it's a wash.

Not much info on this group, and I would have probably found more if not for some kind of bad loop on the internet archive. It's a shame, really. Something about Television, and I'm not talking about the consumer electronic though you hear a good amount of those on this cassette. Marquis de Moon Television, must have been a collaboration. Anyway, this is a UK Noise Pop and Post-Punk project by and by, composed of Ric and Marianne, whoever they may well be.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rougeux - Recycled

Label : RRRecords / Statutory Tape
Country : US
Year : n/a
Format : C40

Last of these, finally. I like this one's cover the most, a nice and spacey piece of imagery. Probably a taped over newage tape. Here's some more smatterings of harsh-noise with some corrupted collage to make it more interesting. I first knew of this project from the excellent and seminal America The Beautiful CD from the same conglomerate that brought us the Recycled series, RRR. If I remember correctly, the first track they did in collaboration (in some way, shape, or form) was a brilliant lampooning of the titular anthem... Though I could be misremembering, it was a collage though.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Various Artists - Industrial Folk Vol. 1

Label : Squealer - SQR 014
Year : 1995
Country : US
Format : 7 inch

Since I'm lazy, I'll just paste the review for this I made on Rateyourmusic:
An interesting little document of something of a sound of bygone days, described here as "Industrial Folk"--not Industrial folk as in the traditional music of the worker but of the "merger of folk roots with modern technology" sez the liner notes. Further on, these folkish roots "are modified by the alien technologies available to the modern artist; tape loops, feedback, and the static of everyday life". I feel like I'm padding an essay here, but it is a pretty interesting perspective especially in retrospect.

A number of these artists would not seem too unfamiliar to those who have gone through the underwaternow tape archive. In fact, I associate this time and place and sound and aesthetic with this particular website. A different flavor of cassette culture.

If you could gather any meaning from that melange of text, I mean to say it's a pretty cool EP. I was going to make a grandiose point on how appropriate that something christened "Industrial Folk" would emerge from the fallen follies of the rust belt, when I realized only a few of these groups would qualify as being from said wastelands. 

That's a cool thought, though. "Industrial Folk" as a genre, not Industrial Worker Folk music, which apparently is something that people have categorized, but a designation for the fin de millénaire incarnation of lofi folk found on some-a tape from labels like Shrimper or Bees Make Honey or, of course, Squealer. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Napalmed - Recycled

Label : RRR / Statutory Tape
Country : US
Year : 2000
Format : C90

I'm not much of a Noiseman sound insect, at least not as much as I used to be, but Napalmed are probably one of the better harsh gruppes out there. I've been sitting on this one for about 3 years, along with another one of these tapes I bought from Jerry's when he still had a big case of these specially ordered Recycled tapes from RRR... One of the tapes was blank so even you could be a star!

Come to think of it, I was planning on making a megapost for all these tapes, but it never came into fruition, instead fated to wither in my drafts. Maybe I'll do it later.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Die Welttraumforscher - Die Singende Sternlaterne / Folklore Des Weltalls 1982

Label : A Tree In A Field Records - TREE046 / Planam - PLANAM WTF2
Country : Switzerland / Italy
Year : 2013
Format : LP

Here's a good'un. Someday, I will buy this entity's entire catalogue and share their genius ectoplasmic sonicforms with you all. In due time, of course. Or maybe one of those electro-boutique labels like VOD or Dark Entries or Blackest Ever Black etc. could do that... There's a whole realm of possibilities, though it betrays my own contrarian and pseudosolipsistic sense of "ownership" over it and the gratification of exposing it to the relative "masses". Doesn't matter when the music's this good!

This is both a rerelease and an archival release, the first side being a reissue of a 1983 tape and the flipside being an unreleased 1982 project now trapped in wax for our pleasure. This is all fine and dandy, but I wonder if the A side is an abridged version of said tape, as some tracks seem to fade a bit early and there seems to be a few tracks missing from the original. Even with that in mind, this is still an excellent document that I recommend very much so.

Monday, October 30, 2017

1m54 - All Breaks Loose, I Suppose

Label : Toothpick - TP08
Country : Belgium
Year : 1996
Format : C30

Ripped by OminousMafioso

Very personal and intimate, as lowfi cassettes are wont to be described. This is definitely worthy of such labels, as each sparse track flows along the hiss like some kind of metaphor which loses meaning when I extrapolate on it. It's nice, very nice. And I'd been looking for it for quite the while til I contacted the person who had so graciously gleamed me with a rip of it. The screen name above is someone to watch out for, he has a great collection of tapes and is a very cool guy on top of it. Cheers!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Various Artists - Cassette Revolution Vol. 1

Label : Narisu Records - CSRN-2501
Country : Japan
Year : 2014
Format : C50
I forgot to post this one, after all the relative trouble I had to go through to get it. Truthfully speaking, I posted this before on a behind-closed-doors kind of site while neglecting my own pet project. I had forgotten my roots, how shameful of me. Anyway, it's here and I can't complain, I need to keep this place's blood flowing.
This is a bit of an odd tape to post here, as its experimentalisms are more latent compared to most other posts here. Dissonance comes and goes, sometimes in favor of a more JPop approach... But there are some (un)hits here, cool stuff all around. I wonder if the Japanese are going to pick up more on the recent kassette kultur revivalism that's been going around the past few years, at least that's what the indie tabloids say. Not like people haven't been putting out tapes consistently since the CD tried to stifle it.

Since I'm a such a generous host, I've scanned and even tried my hand at cleaning the mini-manga (an omake to the cassette, if you will) that came with it. No TL, though. Even though it looks like basic stuff, I can't really read it. Maybe a scanlation group will pick it up and get in tussles with other factions over it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Shep and Me - Nasturtium Inertia

Label : Dear Skull - DS-011
Country : US
Year : 2011
Format : LP
Here's another album for you guys, with the same folk flavor as the last. Truth being, this is free/avant folk in a more Charlie A. McAlister way than a Jackie-O Motherfucker tinge like the last one. Small scale and lowfi ambient pieces abound.
This is a remastered reissue of a 2009 tape. This rerelease is of the odd assortment: it is abridged and yet it is obliged. What I mean by that is that two tracks from the original tape release are redacted in favor of two new ones. Good tidings, a worthy reason to download this one if you happen to have the original. This records packaging is something interesting, too. The sleeve itself is encased in what I can only describe as faux-hardwood flooring texture, and that itself is covered by the album sleeve. Tough nut to crack.

Monday, October 16, 2017


Label : Awesome Vistas - AV-08
Country : US
Year : 2009
Format : LP
It's a real shame I can't really give cool anecdotes on these interesting recordings I find and post here, like all those other respectable illegal filesharing joints. Most of the time, I just find wreckords at a local shop and take em home with little in the way of an obstacle. Quite boring. Maybe I should start writing fictitious proseworks to spice things up. Anyway, what IS this? IS is IS, an improvisational grouping centering around Chris Johanson and his merry group of friends, as seen in this insert:
 A bit voyeuristic, an email conversation between the culprits of this work of freefolk ambiance. As I had found later, some of these cats are pretty big luminaries in the once big(?) free impro-folk scene, lotsa Jackie-O Mothereffer alumni. It's nice, an exercise in a now seemingly bygone style in two sides which probably made for a good soundtrack for the exhibition it was created for. Now that I am thinking for the first time in awhile, I never really thought to check which side is which as this information is obfuscated by the fact that each side is marked by a colored label instead of the traditional text laden generic... I suppose it doesn't matter, unless someone is very serious about the archival of late oughts indie-pain-dance in plasticity.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Billy Synth - We Have Got To Make It On Our Own

Label : Mind Cure Records - MC-107
Country : US
Year : 2015
Format : LP

Not quite Pittsburgh, but close enough. This is some roaring Stooge infused synthgaragepunx from the city of Harriburg, mind the lack of h. I've never really been around that area of the state, but I never would have expected such cool synthetic punk to come outta there. Especially not from around 1978.
This is another release from a local record shop/label that has closed its physical doors and has set its sights towards shows and the wired... Still a cool place, though. The insert includes a positive overview by Michigan's own John Olson, so you know it's kwuite something.

This compilation includes his work with bands such as The Turn Ups and The Janitors, who I am sure are the same bands with different names as bands were wont to do back in those times and today.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Various Artists - LowLife 17

Label : RRR Records - RRR-L03
Year : 1993
Country: US
Format : LP

Hello, here's something I've had for a little while and never bothered to upload for whatever reason. This here is a companion to the LowLife zine which apparently existed and RRR pressed for a coupla times... Too much indeh rawk here for me, don't care for it. There is some good avant moments, however. Murray Reams and Paul Hoskin play together on 'ere, and the mostly unknown band called Cake inverts their more popular and similarly named contemporary with some exp. folk dirges. Tinnitus is cool, too, and befitting of its name. My memory isn't very good, so maybe I imagined what this whole record sounded like in lieu of listening to it again. Well...

It also came with this booklet, presumably the zine in question. It's pretty cool, contains some reviews about now acclaimed cult klassics like Spiderland (a pretty ambivalent review for that one, all told). Some illustrations, too! Pretty... Didn't scan it, though.